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Waterfalls in the Royal

You may have noticed that it has been raining recently. Audley weir is still closed, as are other roads in the park and indeed around the city.

If you ever wondered what the many waterfalls in the Royal look like after heavy rain follow the Read More link to view the Video.

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Streams in the Royal are flowing again

Through our long hot summer the streams in the Royal dwindled and some dried completely. Now with the rain they are flowing again and some creatures are celebrating……follow the Read More link to watch the video of a freshwater yabbie climbing the bank of a Royal stream.

Our Streamwatch volunteer program has been testing the water quality of streams in the Royal and Heathcote National Parks since 2004.

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Red Bellied Black Snake drags Brown Snake away

Sometimes walking in the Royal you are privileged to see nature in action, this is one of those days. To humans the red bellied black is a beautiful snake but it is timid and disappears quickly when encountered. The Eastern Brown is the opposite: usually smaller, aggressive, not to be messed with.  This day these preconceptions were reversed…….the larger red bellied black has the brown snake  by the head and is taking it off to devour it. Follow the Read More link  to watch the video.

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Bus Service is Launched

Bus Fleet has launched a new service within the park connecting many trail heads with public transport options. This allows access to popular sites such as Wattamolla and Garie when the carparks are full and also provides access to wonderful walks throughout the park.

The Royal has thankfully been unaffected by the current fires ravaging much of the East Coast and is only being closed to non residents when the weather conditions are severe.

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