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Our Next Guided Walk is on Monday 16th March

Our first guided walk for 2020 will be on March 16th starting at 8.30am at Wattle Forest, one of Audley’s picnic grounds.  We will take a walk through some fascinating rainforest looking for birds and other wildlife.  Then after a short while we will transfer across the river to Fig-tree Flat and start a slow walk down Lady Carrington Drive. Participants can walk to where the walk leader chooses to turn around or if they wish they can turn around earlier or walk further.

This beautiful walk  is renowned for revealing a multitude of wildlife. Check out this  video of a diamond python taken just a few days ago in the park


Snakes are not commonly seen but we often see goannas and other lizards down Lady Carrington Drive.  On the bird front there are many beautiful birds that frequent the Hacking River Valley, we will have a good chance to see: Lyrebirds, Bowerbirds, Catbirds, Bassian Thrushes, Whipbirds, 3 types of scrubwrens, black faced monarchs, eastern yellow robins, kingfishers,  various thornbills, gerygones, fairy wrens, honeyeaters, doves/pigeons, flycatchers, fantails.

Bring binoculars if you have them and  if you are a wildlife photographer then bring your camera along. The image above of the Azure Kingfisher was taken on this walk.

To register for this walk please follow the link below.

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