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The Royal – Covid 19 Impacts

NPWS in response to the Covid 19 outbreak on March 18th suspended all volunteer activities until further notice.

This was followed by a media release on March 26th:

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will temporarily close all campgrounds, high visitation areas and historic sites across NSW until further notice, in response to tighter Australian and NSW Government health directives on social distancing and non-essential travel to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in the wider community.…..

All roads through national parks remain open.

Most walking tracks and trails will also remain open and visitors should observe necessary social distancing with others while using pathways and other facilities to maximise their safety.

In the Royal this has resulted in  the Visitor Center, Garie, Wattamolla, Garrawarra Farm  and Bonnie Vale being closed.

So with more indoor activity required we have been busy creating some more content for you to view.  Follow the Read More link to view.

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About Friends of the Royal

We are a enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of individuals and groups from all walks of life and with various interests, but drawn together by the common goals of protecting, preserving and appreciating the Royal and the surrounding National Parks.

Among our aims, the current focus is to encourage and enlist volunteer support for more scientific research, litter removal and bush regeneration / weed removal in particular. Check the link below for details.

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Voluntary activities run regularly and are a great way to help preserve and protect this beautiful area and to meet like minded people. Volunteering is fun!!

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