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Large, healthy Koala colony discovered in Heathcote National Park

Two local environmentalists Steve Anyon-Smith and Tom Kristensen have spent the last 8 months searching for Koalas in Heathcote National Park with remarkable success.

They have photographed 63 individual koalas in locations across the park. Even better news is that this is a healthy, chlamydia free, breeding population. Lone males, females and mothers with joeys have all been sighted.

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We are a enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of individuals and groups from all walks of life and with various interests, but drawn together by the common goals of protecting, preserving and appreciating the Royal and the surrounding National Parks.

Among our aims, the current focus is to encourage and enlist volunteer support for more scientific research, litter removal and bush regeneration / weed removal in particular. Check the link below for details.

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