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Winter Wildlife

Winter can be a wonderful time to be walking in the Royal. Sunny days with light cool breezes….. walk on the coast or the interior of the park, turn a corner and ahead you can see extraordinary spectacles.

Humpback whales have been moving north on their annual migration  from Antarctica to the warm waters of the Coral Sea. On any day from late May to early August from the cliffs of the Royal you can see the  blow of the large breaths that they take,  then their huge backs rise out of the water and slip back down. You may spot the tail flapping and the lucky few will see youngsters launching themselves out of the water. Follow the Read More link to see a breach in slow motion.

But look up and there are astonishing birds …..eagles and falcons ……kites and kestrels . Follow the Read More link to  see them in action.

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About Friends of the Royal

We are a enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of individuals and groups from all walks of life and with various interests, but drawn together by the common goals of protecting, preserving and appreciating the Royal and the surrounding National Parks.

Among our aims, the current focus is to encourage and enlist volunteer support for more scientific research, litter removal and bush regeneration / weed removal in particular. Check the link below for details.

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Voluntary activities run regularly and are a great way to help preserve and protect this beautiful area and to meet like minded people. Volunteering is fun!!

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