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See the Royal by Public Transport

Its easy to get to the Royal National Park by public transport: trains, a new bus service and a famous old ferry all give access to the park.  With a bit of planning you can have a fabulous day out: an epic walk, a gentle stroll or a picnic by a  waterfall or beach are all easily achievable by these public transport alternatives.

During the peak of summer and on public holidays the carparks in the Royal can become full early in the day, particularly Wattamolla, Garie and Bonnie Vale. Public transport can get you into these locations when car-bound visitors are turned away.


This beautiful old wooden ferry has been taking visitors from Cronulla to the village of Bundeena for decades. From the wharf at Bundeena it is a 10 minute walk to Jibbon Beach or Bonnie Vale picnic ground, or a 15 minute walk to start of the Royal Coast track. For more details check the link below

Bundeena Ferry



Since 2020 a new bus service has been servicing all park locations.  This makes visiting a picnic ground or undertaking point to point walks simple. For more details check the website:

Bus Service



There are several train stations that provide access to the park. From Otford station you can walk to the southern end of the Royal Coast walk in a few minutes.  From Engadine  and Waterfall stations there are walking tracks into the park that give you access to some beautiful waterfalls and river valleys.



  • Walk the coast track end to end. For a full day’s walking this spectacular track is not to be missed.  You can walk the track in either direction linking up with Otford station in the south and the Bundeena ferry and Cronulla station in the north. If walking north you will often have the sun in your eyes, for this reason some people prefer to walk southwards. Allow 6-7 hours walking with stops.
  • Walk half the coast track. Pickup the bus from Sutherland Station to Wattamolla or Garie and walk to either Bundeena or Otford. Then take either the ferry  or train. Allow 3-4 hours walking with stops.
  • Walk from Waterfall Station to Audley via Uloola Falls. Allow 3-4 hours walking with stops. Then catch the bus back to Sutherland Station.
  • Walk from Waterfall  Station to Audley via Couranga Track and Lady Carrington Drive. For a beautiful walk, drop down into the Hacking River valley via the Couranga Track and then around the Forest Island track to Lady Carrington Drive South then walk the length of Lady Carrington Drive to Audley (allow 6 hours walking) . Then catch the bus back to Sutherland Station.
  • Walk from Engadine Station  to Audley via Engadine Track. Allow 2-3 hours walking with stops. Return by bus to Sutherland Station.
  • Walk the  superb Lady Carrington Drive. Pickup the bus at Sutherland Station to Audley, walk south along Lady Carrington Drive and turn around when you wish. Return the same way, this walk can be as long as you want to make it. Or alternatively if you walk to the southern end of Lady Carrington Drive you can catch the bus to Waterfall Station.
  • Spend a few hours at Wattamolla Beach and Lagoon. Picnic and swim at this wonderfully picturesque location. Pickup the bus from Sutherland Station and return the same way.
  • Explore historic Audley precinct, hire a  row boat and  explore the river and creek.  Take the bus from Sutherland Station and return the same way.
  • Go surfing at Garie Beach. Pickup the bus from Sutherland Station, surf the day and return the same way.
  • Walk to Wedding Cake Rock. Take the train to Cronulla then the ferry to Bundeena. Walk through Bundeena to the  Royal Coast track then south along the cliffs to Wedding Cake Rock. Return the same way. Allow 3 hours walking with stops.
  • Explore Heathcote National Park. Take the train to Waterfall  and walk a circuit to Kingfisher Pool via the Bullawaring Track and Mooray Track. Allow 3-4 hours walking.
  • Relax on Jibbon Beach and walk the Loop Track to explore the Aboriginal carvings. Take the train to Cronulla, ferry to Bundeena and  then a 10 minute walk takes you to beautiful Jibbon Beach. The two kilometer loop track can be found at the far end of Jibbon beach.