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Vegetation Zones

The Royal has a wide range of vegetation types in a relatively small area, which is one reason why it is such a special place.

These vegetation types include rainforest, eucalypt forest, heathlands, estuarine mangroves, upland swamps as well as several other plant communities in differing soil types. There are 10 well defined vegetation types.

Some of our favourite walks traverse several of these vegetation types in easily managed day or even half-day walks.

One of the best source of information on vegetation zones is Chapter 3 of the Linnean Society book, Field Guide to Royal National Park. This book is now out of print but we have a few copies still available through our shop:

Field Guide to the Royal National Park

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Voluntary activities run regularly and are a great way to help preserve and protect this beautiful area and to meet like minded people. Volunteering is fun!!

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