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Spring Flowers in the Royal

With the recent warm weather, Spring flowers in the park are providing a beautiful display at the moment. From the heathlands along the Coast Track to the woodlands further west, there is an amazing variety of colourful blooms at this time of year. If you are interested to learn more about our indigenous flora, now is the time to take a walk in the Park. Wherever you go you should not be disappointed.

Coastal sandstone heathland is noted for its floral diversity and this can be seen along The Coast Track, especially south of Wattamolla where fires several years ago have created the perfect conditions to see the smaller flowering shrubs and along the Jibbon Fire Trail.

The Sydney Boronia (Boronia ledifolia) is the standout here, being covered in bright pink star shaped flowers.

Boronia ledifolia


There are contrasts with white Rice Flowers ( Pimelea linifolia) and yellow peas, most commonly Dillwynia retorta and floribunda. Early in the morning the purple iris flowers of Patersonia sericea add to the mix.


Patersonia species (Native Iris, Purple Flag)

One of the best areas at this time of year is around Curra Moors which has a great variety of plant communities. The highlight here are the Waratahs (Telopea speciosissima) which are just coming into flower in the wooded sections of the track. Waratahs can also be found on the tracks between Engadine and Audley and around Bottle Forest at East Heathcote.


In the wetter areas of Curra Moors there are a range of interesting plants, ranging from the tiny insectivorous Sundews (Drosera species) to the various forms of swamp loving heath in pink( Sprengelia incarnata) and white (Epacris obtusifolia).

Drosera spathulata, Common Sundew

Drosera spathulata, Common Sundew

No matter what time of the year, there is always a good chance of finding Christmas Bells (Blandfordia nobilis) in this area too.

The Park’s Grevilleas are also flowering beautifully at the moment. Around the Loftus/ Audley area there is a display of some of the more common spider flowers. The red Grevillea oleoides, and pink sericea are to be seen along Sir Bertram Stevens Drive.

Grevillea sericea, ssp. sericea. Pink Spider Flower

Grevillea buxifolia, Grey Spider Flower

Grevillea buxifolia, Grey Spider Flower

Whether you set out for a full day walk or simply drive through the park, the flowers are a delight in Spring.

And occasionally while walking you might find other delights amongst the flowers such as this wallaby.

Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor)

All the great macro photos above taken by Ralph Cartwright our Treasurer.