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Royal Coast Track Maintenance


A volunteer program exists for maintaining the iconic Royal Coast Track which runs for 26km from Bundeena in the north of the Royal to Otford in the south.

The track has been split into 14 sections which allows various community organisations to adopt a particular section of the track to focus on bush trimming, weed control and minor surface works to repair erosion. Because the Royal Coast Track runs mainly along  the seashore, it is particularly exposed to the forces of weather and the high visitor traffic level further impacts the quality of this unique and spectacular Sydney-region walk.

Currently four of the 14 sections have been “adopted” by community organisations with Friends of the Royal taking two sections. Volunteer involvement is envisaged to be between 3 to 4 times per year depending upon the section.

If you or your community organisation would like to participate in this program, please call  NPWS Ranger Patsy Nagle on 9542 0632   or contact her by e-mail at the following address  patricia.nagle@environment.nsw.gov.au. For further details of the  program please also see

Royal Coast Track Volunteer Maintenance Strategy