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Weeds in the Royal

Weeds and Pest Animals

Combating the presence of pest animals and the spread of weeds in the Royal National Park is a routine challenge for Rangers, Field Staff and Volunteers.

Pest animal removal is the domain of the regional Pest Species Officer, who works with local Rangers and Field Staff on programs to control pest such as the Java Rusa Deer.

Aquatic weeds are the realm of Parks staff and contractors, particularly in the Hacking River.

The removal or control of terrestrial weeds, on an annual basis, accounts for the majority of the hours worked by the volunteer groups within the Park.

Friends of Royal are currently underway on a project, drawing on the experience of rangers and volunteers, to prepare a database of the species types and location of weeds within the park.

The database will enable prioritised planning that will improve the efficiency of the volunteer groups in their efforts to eliminate, control and limit the spread of weeds within the Park and adjacent areas.

Friends of Royal Weed List

Weeds in the Royal


Formosa Lily is a weed that has spread along the roads through the park . Friends of Royal have been documenting the spread and resolving actions to curtail its spread. See the facebook  action group for details

Formosa Lily Action Group

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Voluntary activities run regularly and are a great way to help preserve and protect this beautiful area and to meet like minded people. Volunteering is fun!!

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