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Register with NPWS

To register with NPWS on their VIP online system please use the link below and follow the directions as advised in the text below the link.

NPWS VIP website

Input information into VIP including:

  • Select Fill in An Application
  • Enter your username and email address
  • Enter your name, address and phone numbers
  • Select 
  • Qualifications:
    • Select Greater Sydney Branch
    • Choose YES I have read and agreed to terms and conditions
  • Compliance
    • Provide information requested
  • Communication
    • Provide information requested
  • Emergency Contact Details
    • Provide information requested
  • About You
    • Provide information requested
  • Submit Application

Get Involved

Voluntary activities run regularly and are a great way to help preserve and protect this beautiful area and to meet like minded people. Volunteering is fun!!

Volunteer expression of interest form

A Volunteer calendar is available for the next three months

Volunteer Calendar