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Streamwatch is a long-term initiative to monitor water quality at approximately 1000 sites across the Sydney Basin. Initiated by the Sydney Catchment Authority in 1990, the program is now co-ordinated by the Australian Museum. For more details see  www.streamwatch.org.au

Friends of the Royal members, with the support of the NPWS, have collected water quality data at various locations within the Royal over the last 10 years to provide a record of the health of the Royal’s rivers and creeks.

The data shows a record of consistently high water quality, with some of the Royal’s creeks exhibiting the highest level of water quality of any location within the whole Streamwatch program. This record underlines the special place the Royal has for Sydney and the need to protect it into the future against the  impacts of a growing population base.

Sampling days are shown in the Royal Bushies calendar (See Bush Regen & Weed Control page), please contact John Arney on 9525 0449 or johnarney@ozemail.com.au  if you’re interested in attending. John can also organise training in sampling techniques for anyone who is interested in supporting volunteer activities in this area (would suit student enrolled in a life sciences program). A training day in March 2015 is scheduled to support “bug” counts, a key indicator of stream health. Details will be posted shortly.