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Track Trimming

A volunteer program exists for maintaining tracks in the Royal and Heathcote National Parks.

From the start of 2023 we have scheduled one track trimming activity per month.

Because we travel slowly, we often come across unusual plants, birds and even whales !

If you would be interested in joining a group to walk and maintain a sections of the track network in the parks, select  the  Volunteer Calendar then select  REGISTER for the track trimming activity  and fill in your details.

If the location is marked TBA the specific location for the activity will be confirmed on this site at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. All these activities are from 9.00am to 12.30pm.


Note to participate in these activities in the park you also need to be registered with NPWS, follow this link to register with NPWS

Register with NPWS

Upcoming Events

  • 23-Jul-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim - Reids Flat-> McDonalds Flat, RNP
  • 06-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim: Bridal Track
  • 27-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim: Wattamolla-> Marley, RNP
  • 24-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim: Winifred Falls Tk, RNP
  • 22-Oct-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim, Red Cedar Flat (L), RNP
  • 19-Nov-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim: Red Cedar Flat (U), RNP
  • 10-Dec-2024 (9am)
    Track Trim, Kelly's Falls Trails, GSCA
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