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Bush Regen & Weed Control

The NPWS supported team “Royal Bushies” regularly participates in bush regeneration, weed control and other activities.

From February to November there are generally two activities per week which are held on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 9am to 12.30pm. Also once per month the group attend Sutherland Council nursery on a Thursday afternoon starting at 1.00pm to work on plant propagation.

If you wish to join any of these activities go to the Volunteer Calendar then select the activity  and fill in your details. The leader of this activity will contact you on one of the days prior to the activity.

If the location is marked TBA the specific location for the activity will be confirmed on this site at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. All these activities are from 9.00am to 12.30pm.


Note that for bush regen in the park you must also be registered with NPWS, follow this link to register

Register with NPWS

And for participation at the council nursery registration with the council and an online course are required, follow this link to register

Sutherlandshire Council Bushcare


To learn more about weeds in the Royal National Park follow the link to the weeds page.

Weeds in the Royal

Upcoming Events

  • 25-Jul-2024 (9am)
    Burning Palms, RNP
  • 27-Jul-2024 (9am)
    Kellys Falls, GSCA
  • 01-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Waterfall West (17 Yanagang St), HNP
  • 03-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Currawong Flat, Audley, RNP
  • 08-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Allambie Flat, Audley, RNP
  • 09-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Jibbon, RNP
  • 10-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Bonnie Vale, RNP
  • 13-Aug-2024 (9am)
    War on Whiskey Grass, HNP
  • 15-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Loftus Oval, RNP
  • 16-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Yenabilli Pt, RNP
  • 17-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Bottle Forest, East Heathcote, RNP
  • 20-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Middle Rill
  • 22-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Warumbul, RNP
  • 24-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Bushcare Intro Course, Office
  • 24-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Mirang Firetrail, HNP
  • 29-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Boundary Rd, HNP
  • 31-Aug-2024 (9am)
    Reids Flat, RNP
  • 03-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Marley Beach, RNP
  • 05-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Dillwynnia Gv, East Heathcote, Royal National Park
  • 07-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Bonnie Vale, Bundeena, RNP
  • 10-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Bandi Bandi, RNP
  • 12-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Bottle Forest, East Heathcote, RNP
  • 13-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Yenabilli Pt, RNP
  • 14-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Jibbon, RNP
  • 17-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Scouter Mtn Tk, HNP
  • 19-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Ironbark Flat, Audley, RNP
  • 21-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Kellys Falls, Helenburgh, Garrawarra SCA
  • 26-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Loftus Oval, RNP
  • 27-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Middle Rill, RNP
  • 28-Sep-2024 (9am)
    Burns Rd, Heathcote, HNP
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Bush Regen & Weed Control Activities

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