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History of Royal National Park 1879-2013


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History of Royal National Park & 1879 – 2013

Royal National Park was established in 1879 making it Australia’s first and one of the oldest in the world.

This book, now in it’s third edition, covers the formation of the Park and its growth to more than twice its initial size. It includes land-use controversies in the Park, such as the development of cabin communities and attempts to exploit timber and mineral resources.

The use of the Park for military purposes was extensive but is little recognised today. With changes in public expectations for natural conserved areas, the policies of management have changed, both to accommodate those changes and to protect the natural environment as public use has grown.

The book is exhaustively researched from contemporary documents, and is illustrated with over 100 photographs. These show the changes in the Park over time, and many structures and aspects of the Park which are no longer preserved.

Paperback cover 132 pages

Approx 245mm X 170mm

1st Edition 2014

ISBN 9780646916095 Barcode: 9780646916095

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