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Plan of Management

Submissions on the proposed new Plan Of Management (POM) have now closed. Many of our members have made individual submissions and friends have also made a joint submission pulling together many of the comments made before-hand and at our recent AGM.

You can read the full submission by downloading it via this link: POM Aug 2017

Here are some general comments that we made before the submission proper:

Today, the basic infrastructure of the Royal National Park, and its associated reserves, are in a highly lamentable state and unless the underlying issues that have brought us to this position are addressed, the new Plan of Management will fail and the efforts of many people here will be wasted.

We will not dwell on this point, but if you do not understand the problem, we suggest that you simply take trip to Audley, on your doorstep. Look at the state of the unlined, potholed, muddy and waterlogged carparks, the potholed roads, the aging facilities, the broken toilets, the weedy and silted water-ways, the condition of nearby tracks and bush trails, and if you do not understand the enormity of the problem after such a visit, then may we respectfully suggest that you are probably in the wrong job.

For while we may lament the lack of respect for the Reserves by some visitors, manifesting itself in littering, or in the occasional acts of vandalism, it must be said that the facilities of the Park today do little to instill the sense of the respect that we believe that it deserves.

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