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Seminar Report – Protecting our Natural Heritage

Seminar wash-up.

The Friends “Protecting our Natural Heritage” seminar  was held in March 2016 and proved scintillating and brilliantly informative – a crowd of 80 heard our guest speakers set-out imaginative and practical approaches to managing our natural heritage. Thanks very much to all our contributors. Key take-outs were as follows :

Australian Wildlife Foundation – Atticus Fleming set out the role that wildfires and feral animals (particularly cats) had in small marsupial extinctions and population reductions and pointed to impressive results from fencing chosen reserves. He saw that accountability for conservation outcomes was the most significant problem of existing public management regimes. For more details see http://www.australianwildlife.org/about/about.aspx

Bush Heritage Australia – Dr Jody Gunn explained the role of Bush Heritage Australia (founded by Dr Bob Brown) in acquiring selected properties that are significant for the protection of threatened species and managing these to achieve key conservation targets. For more details see http://www.bushheritage.org.au/about/our-challenge

Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group – Dr Deborah Nias outlined how an innovative funding approach was targeting conservation and restoration of vital wetlands while also providing returns to investors. For more details see https://environmentalwatertrust.org.au/

Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) – Evan Quartermain covered the role of the WLT in protecting habitats across an Australian network of privately-owned sanctuaries. Member properties range from the very large to small and currently account for some 43,000 acres. For more details see http://www.wildlifelandtrust.org.au/index.php/about

Birdlife Australia – Dr Holly Parsons described the achievements of Birdlife Australia in protecting endangered species, protecting and restoring habitats and monitoring bird populations down to a backyard level. For more details see http://birdlife.org.au/who-we-are/our-organisation

Save Our Flora – Maria Hitchcock outlined how growing endangered native flora species in residential gardens provided insurance against further degradation of native flora stock levels. For more information see http://www.coolnatives.com.au/imagescoolna…/SoFBulletin4.pdf

A survey of those that attended elicited a 50% response and were overwhelmingly very pleased with the event.

We are having a rest before planning our next event, but if you have any suggestions for a theme, speakers, venue or anything else, please get in touch.

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